Our powerful church thrives on the solid foundation laid by its founding fathers. A brief history on where we start from. First formal mass held at 1909 Jan 5 -12 kottarakara Thrikkannamangal Kalloor school. Several foreign missionaries, mainly Rev. George Berg participated and conducted speech of Christianity and importance of Pentecost. The inspired youth of various families, (Kochukizikethel Br. Kutiyachan, Anayazikathu Br. Mathayi, Vettical Br. Thomas and many others) were became followers and started worshiping as a congregation. They formed a new Pentecost church at Thrikkannamangal, initially holy communion and services were done at the individuals house and gradually led the idea for the formation of today’s church as a common place. This encouraged many Pentecostal to grow in other places and spread among the people in kerala. In 1924, South Indian Pentecost church was formed under the leadership K.E Abraham Pastor and by 1943 April 6, Thrikanamangal church were merged with IPC under one of the prominent leadership and excellent guidance, his highness Pastor T.G Oomen. Pastor P.T Chakochan served as our first priest. In 1948 own place were bought for IPC Rahaboth at Thrikananamgal and contribution from Pastor Kuttiyachan needed a great applause. From there it has been shown the significant growths where around 4500 sqm of church hall were build at present. Currently 110 families are there under our congregation. Other activities such as PYPA, SOTHARISAMAGAM, and SUNDAY SCHOOL were promoted parallel and their activities in congregation are superb on the efficient hands since the formation of IPC. The major integral and vital force of our growth is because of dedication, commitment and prayers of our forefathers. We shall remember them in our prayers. Amen.

“I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

Mathew 16:18.